how to send Chuseok flowers and gifts to Korea ~ 한국 추석 선물 


What does 추석(Chuseok) mean to Koreans?

Chuseok in Korea is the 15th August on lunar calendar. it is like a thanksgiving holiday. most of Korean do long trip to visit families. and give flowers and gifts to their parents and relatives and business partners to show their appreciation. 


What gifts do you give for Korean추석(Chuseok)?

Koreans give flowers, meat, fruit, and alcohol as gifts for 추석(Chuseok). During the week leading up to 추석(Chuseok), Koreans shop for gifts to give family members. Gifts include fresh fruits, ginseng, honey, gift baskets (with tuna, spam, traditional sweets, dried fish) toiletries and cash.



Flowers to Korea will guide you through the Chuseok gift.

What kind of gift would be good for your parents or lovers? Alcohol, fruits, flowers.
Since many families gather on New Year's Day, flower baskets make you feel good and smell good, raising the level of family gatherings. Alcohol and fruit are used to hold ancestral rites and are good gifts for families to eat together.
What would be good for your nephews and nieces? How about a snack box or cake?

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