how to send Funeral & Sympathy flowers to Korea 


What does Funeral celemony mean in Koreans?

Koreans send flowers to the funeral of the deceased and do bujo (envelope with money). Close relatives and friends spend three days laughing, chatting, drinking and spending time with the bereaved. Friends hold a feast together so that the bereaved can't afford to mourn. 

For Koreans, 생노병사(birth - old - sick - death) has an important meaning in life. In particular, the ceremony of death is very grand. For three days, the family cried loudly, mourned the death of the deceased, and prayed for a rebirth. The guests eat and drink for three days and three nights, chatting loudly with the family of the deceased. It is to help families not to accept the deceased's death as sadness and fear.


What flowers do you give for Korean funeral celemony?

There are funeral flowers to express your condolences.




  1. Peaceful White Lilies premium
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  2. Loving Lilies and Roses Bouquet
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  3. White Lily and Rose Pray for You
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  4. Peaceful White Lilies
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  5. Pure Mind White Roses
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  6. Color Condolence Wreath
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  7. UN memorial Park Round Condolence flower
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  8. Sympathy & Funeral Orchid
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  9. Rose & Llily Funeral Stand Spray
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  10. Funeral 3 Step Spray Basic
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