How to review and get Mileage 10USD and More

1. Review at items on our website, on Google, facebook , you got 2~5USD.  After review Email us

Thank you for your order. We are posting the picture delivered on facebook, google, instagram. if you sign up, we give you 5% mileage point of your order price. and you can use it next order.

If you have any issues please email us.  And I would really appreciat if you click the link below and leave 5 star positive review with the pictures delivered on SNS. Your feedback is a great pleasure for us. Your review helps us a lot in reducing our advertising costs.

1. determin the one you want to review (on flower items on website, google, facebook)
2. Click or item on website

 Google review:
 Facebook review:

Google review  Google


facebook review   facebook



2. 5% point of purchase amount Automatically

We give 5% of the purchase amount as mileage.


3. Sign Up 2$ value point Automatically

creat account


4. Subscribe 1$ value point Automatically

5. Review on the product you purchased 2$ point Automatically

Please leave a review on the product you purchased. 2$ point



6. How to use your Mileage Point


We are waiting your feed back!! Be Happy Day