Christmas Travel to Hawaii California Belgium with Chocolate

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shall we travel to Hawaii California Belgium with lovey chocolates this Christmas? 4 style taste Chocolates from Belgium 200g, Ghiradelli Chocolate box from California 200g, Hawaiian Macadamia nuts from Hawaii 227g, Christmas gift packing

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shall we travel to Hawaii California Belgium with lovey chocolates this Christmas? 4 style taste Chocolates from Belgium 200g, Ghiradelli Chocolate box from California 200g, Hawaiian Macadamia nuts from Hawaii 227g, Christmas gift packing



  1.  Standard Delivery: cut-off time is 6pm one day in advance.

  2.  Sameday Delivery: Flower only, we can deliver flowers to major cities within 3 hours. The flower must be ordered before 5:00 PM Korea for same day delivery. Please check Local Korea time above.

  3.  Delivery times  : 10am-7pm random. 

  4.  Delivery charge : A local delivery fee of $13 will be added to each order and extra delivery fee of $10 might applied for the sameday or weekend delivery

  5.  Valentine Day: Please order 2 business days in advance



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FAQ - flowers & gifts to Korea

Welcome to Flowers to Korea's FAQ! Here you'll find answers to our most asked questions.
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Still can't find quite what you're looking for, or have something we should know? Send us an email, we're happy to help! 

    • Q1: Where are the sameday delivery areas?

      A1: We can deliver flowers to everywhere in Korea by local florist. Please note that gifts and hampers items cannot be sent by sameday delivery. Gifts are delivered nextday by Fedex.

      shipping on orders above:

      Send flowers to Seoul (Soul)서울 꽃배달, Send flowers to Andong 안동 꽃배달, send flowers to Anseong, 안성 꽃배달, Send flowers to Anyang, 안양 꽃배달, Send flowers to Ansan, 안 산꽃배달 Send flowers to Boryeong(Poryeong), 보령 꽃배달, Send flowers to Bucheon(Pucheon), 부천 꽃배달 Send flowers to Busan, 부산 꽃배달, Send flowers to Changwon, 창원 꽃배달, Send flowers to Cheonan, 천안꽃배달, Send flowers to Chuncheon, 춘천 꽃배달, Send flowers to Dongducheon, 동두천꽃배달 Send flowers to Daegu(Taegu), 대구꽃배달, Send flowers to Daejeon(Taejeon),대전꽃배달, Send flowers to Euijeongbu, 의정부꽃배달, Send flowers to Gangneung (Kangneong), 강릉꽃배달, Send flowers to Gihung (Kihung), 기 흥꽃배달, Send flowers to Gimpo (Kimpo), 김포 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gumi (Kumi), 구미 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gunpo (Kunpo), 군포 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gunsan (Kunsan), 군산 꽃배달 , Send flowers to Guri(Kuri), 구리 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gwacheon (Kwacheon), 과천 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gwangmyeong, 광명 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gwangju(Kwangju), 광주 꽃배달 Send flowers to Gwangyang (Kwangyang), 광양 꽃배달, Send flowers to Gyeongju (Kyeongju), 경주 꽃배달, Send flowers to Goyang, 고양꽃배달, Send flowers to Iksan (Iri), 익산꽃배달, Send flowers to Jecheon (Checheon), 제천 꽃배달, Send flowers to Jeonju(Cheonju), 전주 꽃배달, Send flowers to Cheongju, 청주 꽃배달, Send flowers to Jeju, 제주 꽃배달 (Cheju), Send flowers to Jinhae (Chinhae), 진해 꽃배달, Send flowers to Jinju (Chinju), 진주 꽃배달, Send flowers to Masan, 마산 꽃배달, Send flowers to Mokpo, 목포 꽃배달, Send flowers to Namyangju (Mikum), 남양주 꽃배달, Send flowers to Osan, 오산꽃배달 , Send flowers to Pohang, Send flowers to Pyeongtaek (Songtan), 평택꽃배달, Send flowers to Sacheon, 사천꽃배달, Send flowers to Seongnam, 성남꽃배달, Send flowers to Shiheung, 시흥꽃배달, Send flowers to Seogwipo, 서귀포꽃배달, Send flowers to Sokcho, 속초꽃배달, Send flowers to Suncheon, Send flowers to Suweon, 수원꽃배달, Send flowers to Uiwang, 의왕꽃배달, Send flowers to Wonju, 원주꽃배달, Send flowers to Yeocheon, Send flowers to Yeosu, 여수꽃배달, Send flowers to Yongin, 용인꽃배달, Camp Mujuk flower delivery service, Flower delivery to Camp Mujuk Camp Mujuk Flower Delivery 포항 꽃 배달 , Flower to Camp Mujuk Korea,  Pohang Marine, Camp Carroll flower delivery service, Flower delivery to Camp Carroll Camp Carroll Flower Delivery 대구 왜관 캠프캐럴 꽃 배달 , Flower to Camp Carroll Korea, Camp Hovey flower delivery service, Flower delivery to Camp Hovey Camp Hovey Flower Delivery 동두천 꽃 배달 , Flower to Camp Hovey Korea,  Dongducheon flower, Camp Casey flower delivery service, Flower delivery to Camp Casey Camp Casey Flower Delivery 동두천 꽃 배달 , Flower to Camp Casey Korea, Dongducheon flower, Flower delivery to Camp humphreys, Camp humphreys Flower shop Camp humphreys flower delivery in South Korea. Send flowers to Camp humphreys base in Pyeongtaek ,Korea, 

    • Q2:Do you deliver on weekends?

      A2: - Absolutely! Select any day you wish your order be delivered on checkout.


    • Q3: What are the accepted payment methods?


      - Select a payment method, and click continue button.
      - Please watch next explain to know how to use paypal, how to use credit card, how to lease your card informations.
      - if you have discount code, Please put in it.


      ★ We accept Master, VISA , Amex and JCB card payments through PayPal. Easy Pay easy refund by Paypal. Do not worry. Without a Paypal account, you can pay by debit or credit card. Refund is easy if you pay by credit card through Paypal.
      - 한국계정의 Paypal의 경우에는 카드결재가 되지 않으니, 2CO에서 AMEX카드로 결재하세요. 또는 계좌이체 바랍니다.



      - 2CO(2checkout)'s policy has changed and only Amex cards can be used for payment.


      ★ If you request, we send you payment link, and you can pay by credit card. only your email is needed




      ★Bank transfer from oversea★ name: Woori bank
      2.account number: 1081-800-538256
      3.swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX
      4. bank address : yonghoro 54, nam-gu, Busan, Korea
      5. name: Ha Mi-Seon
      6. phone number: 82-010-4567-8156

      ★송금 Bank transfer in Korea★
      농협 93612322288 (하미선) _Nonghyup 93612322288(Hamiseon)

      Please send email us after bank transfer.


      ★한국카드로 결재하시려면 아래의 박스를 클릭하세요.







    • Q4: What time will the order be delivered?

      A4: Between 10 AM to 7 PM in Korean and 9 AM to 7PM in Japan.

  • Q5:How do I know when my order has been delivered?

    A5: Shortly after the delivery is completed, you will receive the email from us. Please sign up to check your order statu.

  • Q6:Can I send a gift card/message with the flowers?

    A6: Sure, you can add your message on checkout.

  • Q7:How do I change or cancel my order?

    A7: Please contact us directly at or via contact us page. Changes or cancellation must be requested 24 hours prior to the delivery time.

  • Q8:I'd like to send flowers to US army bases. Is there anything I have to do?

    A8: Civilians are now allowed to go inside the US army bases. So our delivery person will drop the items at the gate or the recipient has to come outside the base to pick them up. Please make sure to leave the phone number we can contact to.

  • Q9:What happens if the recipient is not at home?

    A9: - Our delivery person will attempt to get in touch with the recipient to arrange a delivery time again. If we are unable to reach by phone, we will immediately inform you either via text messages or email.

  • Q10:What benefit do I get for signing up as member?

    A10: - We offer 5% milleage of price and a special discount up to 15% for our members and business gifts.

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